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„Kuźnia Kurpiowska”- local Association „White Forest” Local culture and traditions museum

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Halina Witkowska - president of the association
ul. 18 Maja 8 Pniewo, 07-214 Zatory
tel. 691 193 269, 500 528 225
e-mail: kuzniakurpiowska@wp.

Kuźnia Kurpiowska is a place where people who act for preserving the cultural and nature regional heritage could meet together. We cultivate the traditions of the White Forest area, lead the small museum, realise expositions, workshops, trainings, publications.

Polish Ecotourism Certificate nr 2-2010-PCE since 12.12.2010

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Workshops and museum lessons for children, youth and adults. We use authentic tools from the museum collection. Workshops are led by local folk artists from the White Forest area.
Handicraft workshops:

  • „Palms and painted eggs”-traditional Polish Easter decorations;
  • From the seed to the plate – all about our daily bread baking;
  • Linen history – traditional weaving;
  • Clay world – how ceramics was made;
  • Traditional Kurpie cut-out paper decorations ;
  • Willow baskets making;
  • Blacksmithing;
  • Christmas traditions and decorations.
  • The workshops last 2 hours. Groups from 5 to 20 people are accepted, after earlier booking.


We also lead „museum lessons” including tasting of regional products:

  • About the old Kurpie cuisine and traditional recipes;
  • Easter and Christmas traditions;
  • Meetings with local handicraft artists;
  • Lessons last 3 hours, for groups from 5 to 20 people after earlier booking.

Visiting the Kuźnia Kurpiowska:

  • Traditional interior of a Kurpie house from the White Forest: furniture, costumes, embroidery, characteristic decorations, textiles;
  • For organized groups up to 50 people. The Kuźnia is open from May to October, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00. Other dates and hours have to be agreed earlier by phone.

Outside fireplace for picnics: (seasonal IV – IX): in the garden, for meetings up to 30 people
Tourist information point:

  • Free promotional and information materials about the region are available at the Kuźnia.


Food products and tasting only after earlier booking/reservation. All products connected with regional tradition and include also vegetarian meals.
1.    Products for consumption in the Kuźnia: fafernuchy, grycoki, pampuchy (local kind of dumplings and dry cookies), sausages and black sausage, cabbage, pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms or meat; borsch (beetroot soup), soda cakes, buckwheat buns, yeast cake, sauerkraut, tea, coffee, seasonal fruits and vegetable , bread baked on radish leaves.
2.    For take away: - fafernuchy, pampuchy, sausages, black sausage, yeast cake, soda cakes, buckwheat buns, bread.

Products and services
Local handicraft can be purchased – decorations, embroidery, ceramics.

Entrance and visit – children 3,00 zł, adults 5,00 zł. (maximum 30 people).
Workshops and lessons – 50,00 zł/1hour (maximum 20 persons).
Fireplace, events – price to be agreed.

The Kuźnia is open from May to October, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00. Other dates and hours have to be agreed earlier by phone 23 692 51 32; 691 193 269.

Additional information
We provide tourist information brochures. Tourists can buy beautiful handicraft.
Our dried fafernuchy cookies are a registered Mazovian traditional product. We collaborate with recognized local artists, and the members of our association are also members of the Lublin Folk Artists Association.

The Kuźnia includes also a blacksmith house reconstruction.


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